There are 2 reasons why your pedometer is resetting unexpectedly during the day:
1. By continuous contact with the RESET button on the front of the pedometer.

2. If the wrong time is set on your pedometer (e.g. AM/PM time is switched).

Your daily records reset to zero at midnight everyday ready to track for a new day (Step mode, Distance mode, Calories mode and Exercise Time mode) and your previous days records are stored in Daily Memory mode / 30 Days Record mode.
NOTE: Daily Memory mode / 30 Days Record mode and Total Step mode do not reset at midnight because they only store and display your previous days records.

If the RESET button is pressed down for a prolonged period, this will clear current record on the display to zero.
To avoid clearing your records unintentionally, you can try keeping the pedometer in '30 Day Memory Mode' which is the 'Step' and '-01 Days Record' icons on the screen, the RESET button does not clear records on this mode.

Alternatively, clip the pedometer more to the side of your waist to avoid continuous contact with the buttons when sitting/bending/leaning against surfaces.


Make sure that the correct time is set on your pedometer to avoid unexpected reset. If you are setting afternoon time, the ‘PM’ icon will be displayed on the left side of the time (for 12Hr time format only). The ‘PM’ icon will appear as you browse through the hour value when setting the time.

To set/change the time, follow the setup steps below. Once you have made your change just leave your pedometer idle for 10 seconds to automatically exit setup mode. Your change/s remain saved.


1. Make sure that you are in the correct Step Mode. Setup/settings can only be accessed from Step Mode.
Hit the MODE button until you see the 'Step' icon at the top of the display and the default Time under the line. '-01 Days Record' icon must not be displayed (If you do see '-01 Days Record', hit the MODE button twice to get to Step mode).

2. Hold down SET and release when you see 12Hr / 24Hr blinking.

3. Hit SET twice to get to the Hour (blinking).

4. Hit MODE (-) or RESET (+) to change the Hour, then press SET.

5. Leave your pedometer idle for 10 seconds to automatically exit setup mode. Your change/s remain saved.

You will once again see the Step icon at the top of the screen.

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